About us

We built the tool we knew we all needed, including you.

We spent years in the web agency and website creation industry: our biggest challenge was that we had to begin every project from the beginning each time. We couldn’t easily clone the entire web setup with the same settings, and it was hard to manage content and design while keeping everything going smoothly. (Sounds familiar?)

We had the ambition to create a tool to solve this struggle and revolutionize our WordPress environment.
That’s how Greyd came to life.

Greyd Management Team

Our story

Mark Weisbrod and Thomas Koschwitz, Greyd’s co-founders, met in Munich, Germany, in 2017. They worked together at Büro von Grau, the digital agency that paved the way to Greyd.

Greyd was born as a response to the everyday struggles people and businesses face with WordPress, where page builders, themes, and plugins often fall short.

How often have you felt the WordPress tools were insufficient to solve recurring development, design and content management problems?

Have you ever wished you could solve dependence on numerous third-party plugins even for essential functionality such as form management and design customization?

How many times have you hoped that activities such as launching a website or adding a new specialized design element would not require developer involvement or code tweaking?

Our big question back then is maybe yours today: is there a comprehensive solution to speed up the web page-building process and provide essential functionality from the start while minimizing dependence on external plugins?

So began the journey that led us to launch Greyd.Suite in 2019.

Our mission

Greyd.Suite revolutionized our website projects, prompting us to share this powerful tool with anyone trying to cultivate a successful web business. Beyond simplifying page construction, we extended our focus to enhance the entire website development and management process, striving for efficiency at every turn.

At Greyd, we’re not just problem solvers but champions of innovation and simplicity.

Join us on our mission to transform web development into a more accessible, sustainable, and inspiring journey.

Meet the management team


Mark Weisbrod

Mark is Greyd’s CEO. He’s a seasoned entrepreneur and manager and has +10 years of experience in building digital businesses. He's all about developing effective sales processes to ensure Greyd.Suite thrives in the market.

Portrait of Greyd Co-Founder Thomas Koschwitz

Thomas Koschwitz

Thomas is Greyd’s co-founder. He’s a designer with over +10 years of experience in leading digital marketing and design agencies. He's the reference person to demonstrate the benefits of Greyd.Suite to agencies, companies and freelancers through personal consultancies and onboarding sessions.

Portrait of Greyd COO Sandra Kurze

Sandra Kurze

Sandra is Greyd’s COO and CMO. Before jumping into Greyd, she led marketing and customer service at an innovative solar start-up. She's an expert at creating efficient company processes and executing marketing strategies for fast-growing businesses.

Jakob Trost

Jakob Trost

Jakob is Greyd’s CTO. With a degree in Interface Design, he brings a blend of coding skills and UX/UI expertise. He's a renowned keynote speaker at international WordPress events, significantly contributing to the WordPress community.



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