Advanced Search

Full control over the frontend search

Use our advanced search functions to create a unique user experience for your website visitors.

Website with a search field and visualisation of an admin panel

Backend Visualisation Advanced Search

Customize search fields

Greyd.Suite provides you with a custom search block with full control over both the design and the results of frontend searches. Including individual filter and sorting functions in the frontend and backend.

Smart search

Enable your website visitors to see the most important search results first and allow search results to be sorted by relevance, “most read” and other factors.

Backend Visualization Advanced Search
Backend Visualization Advanced Search

Live & auto search

Automatically show website visitors a preview of the search results as soon as they enter a search term and enable the results to be updated for a new search without having to reload the page each time.

Maximum control over search results

In addition to standard fields, you can also search the meta data of your post types, exclude certain posts or terms from the search results and flexibly combine the search with other advanced features of Greyd.Suite. Or in short: Benefit from the power of Greyd for sophisticated search processes on your websites.

Backend visualisation of Greyd.Suite's Dynamic Post Types
Website with a search field and visualisation of an admin panel

Cross-site search results

When a website visitor enters a search term on a website, you can easily show them results from other websites using our Global Content feature, thus creating the best possible user experience.