Free one-on-one consultation tailored to your WordPress needs

A unique opportunity to learn about the potential of Greyd.Suite with Thomas Koschwitz, one of our founders.
Learn how Greyd.Suite can take care of 90% of the tasks of an IT person and help your business strategy thrive. All in one, and without ever touching the code.

Thomas Koschwitz at a desk smiling in the camera

How does the free consultation work?

  • Check Thomas’s calendar and pick a time to meet with him via Teams.

  • You will be the only person on the call, and Thomas’s attention will be undivided. Explain to him what challenges and issues you are experiencing in running your WordPress business.

  • Thomas will show you how Greyd.Suite can provide the life-changing solution you have been looking for.

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Book your 1-hour tailored consultation

Take advantage of this one-on-one power hour with Thomas Koschwitz, and learn how Greyd can revolutionize your WordPress business.