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Patrick Mitter

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January 21, 2022

We’ve all heard of the term “Content is King”, which basically means: Without good content it’s difficult to acquire customers. 

According to a study by Hubspot, Litmus, and Wistia, content creation is the most important priority for around 80% of all marketers. In fact, 26% of B2B marketing budgets are spent on content marketing.

Content Is King? Actually, Content Consistency Is King

Content might be king – but what does it take to make content work for you? 

Of course, first of all, you need the content itself. And not just every now and then, but regularly. Content consistency should be our ultimate goal.  

It’s not easy to publish really good content on a regular basis. But it is the most important requirement for content marketing to lead to more sales. 

Think of it like this: 


Why Is Content Consistency Important? 

In terms of content generation, consistency has many desirable effects. According to Forbes, it leads to more trust and authority. And that makes it easier to build a relationship with your prospects. 

Here are the advantages of content consistency at a glance:

  • Increased brand authority and trust from your leads
  • Faster development of a good customer relationship
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Good website content leads to longer website interactions, which promotes SEO success and the likelihood of purchase

The most important result of content consistency? According to Lucidpress results, consistency leads to an average of 23% increase in sales. 

Why then do so few actually manage to publish (good) content on a regular basis? 

Why Is It So Difficult to Put Content Consistency Into Practice?

In the B2B Content Marketing Report in 2015, around 50% of those surveyed stated that regularly publishing content was their greatest challenge. 

Why is that? 

Creating good content will always be time-consuming. Unfortunately, there is no way around this, even if AI ​​is getting better and better at creating copy.

So, how can you help your marketing team get through this process on a regular basis? 

The solution: You optimize every possible part of the content creation process. Because every little optimization saves your editors some time and allows them to create more content in a more relaxed fashion. 

After all, that’s what you pay your content team for: For the strategic production of good content.

Content automation is a direct way to save time in content management. 

Pave the Way to Content Consistency With Content Automation

What is content automation?  

It is the automated creation, organization, and distribution of digital content.  

Why is content automation important? Let’s look at the benefits. 

The Advantages of Content Automation

  • Maximizing time efficiency
    Unnecessary admin tasks are reduced, and content creation, distribution, and organization become efficient. 
  • Reducing cost
    If employees spend less time on administration work that could be automized, they can put more time into their actual job: content creation (this is also a great advantage of a headless CMS).
  • Global content enables fast localization and updates 
    Instead of manually adapting information on countless subpages, you can choose a content automation tool to do the job in just one click. 
  • Dynamic Content
    Targeted display of relevant content – depending on where a potential customer is in the customer journey, they will receive different content and calls to action on your website (e.g. popups for the newsletter, or invitations to a software demo).
graphics marketing automation

Using Automation in Content Marketing 

We have looked at the benefits of consistent content so far and learned that software content automation is an important building block that can help you achieve more content consistency. 

But what are typical tasks that content automation tools can make easier?

Let’s look at some examples. 

Content Automation for Social Media

Content automation not only plays a role in website content but can also be used in social media. You can use a tool to plan and post your posts efficiently. 

A well-known software for content marketing automation on social media is Buffer

With Buffer, your team can easily collaborate (and save time on back and forth emails) and plan posts. Buffer also offers performance and engagement analytics. 

Another powerful tool to do this is HubSpot. It lets you automate content marketing activities for social media or email.

Content Automation for WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most widely used CMS software in the world – around 62% of all CMS-based websites use WordPress. So let’s look at an example of how you can use content automation on a WordPress website. 

Content localization is a common, time-consuming task for marketing teams. Content localization means adding or updating different details (for example, store addresses) on similar websites. 

This would be relevant for a franchise company with multiple locations. Franchises often use the same website content for all their branches, except for individual details such as the address, opening times, or local offers. 

When a franchise has lots of locations, this quickly becomes a time-consuming task that keeps employees busy for a while.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, because with content automation all of this can be done with just one click. 


By using features for global content!

Global content makes it possible to display some content on all the pages all the time and display varying content (like the “About” pages) individually for each location’s website. 

Corporate Identity with Global Content

Combining Content Automation and Online Marketing Automation

A good content automation software can do more than manage global content.

Content automation also helps improve marketing workflows. For example, you can set up automatic messages to the responsible sales representative with every new newsletter subscriber. The sales rep can then send a personalized email to the lead, and thus significantly improve the user experience.  

This ensures that important sales processes work smoothly and become less susceptible to human errors.  

Dynamic Content in the Customer Journey 

The more personalized the content of your website, the more your visitors will feel addressed – this is where dynamic content comes into play.

Dynamic content is the individual adaptation of a website’s content depending on the visitor – in other words, your website automatically displays different content “dynamically”, depending on who gets to the page, and when, and how. 

Why should someone do this? 

Customers like personalized content and are more responsive to it – this increases session duration and even the conversion rate considerably. So, personalized content marketing helps you turn your leads into paying customers. 

Screenshot shopping trends

Here’s an example:

If a visitor comes to an e-commerce shop via an Instagram ad for sustainable cleaning products, then the customer is shown a promotion banner for a 10% discount that’s eligible for precisely these sustainable products. 

However, if the visitor comes to your site via a Google search, you can instead display a popup that offers a 10% discount for subscribing to the newsletter. 

This gives you a higher chance of meeting your customers exactly where they are in the customer journey – and increases the chance of making a sale.  

The Best WordPress Content Automation Tool

As we have seen, content automation can not be done without software. The better the software and the easier it is to use, the more time your employees can save. 

There are many tools on the market, but many of them are difficult to use and require a lot of learning. 

To solve this problem once and for all, we have developed GREYD.SUITE – the best content automation solution for WordPress websites. 

In addition to cool features for global and dynamic content, you get a whole suite with which you can control multiple WordPress websites from a central backend.

Also, you get various interfaces, such as our HubSpot interface that lets you manage your social media content automation directly from one single, central location.

Bottom Line: Content Automation Saves You Time and Helps You to Strategically Publish Your Content

  • Content consistency is one of the most important trust factors for potential customers. At the same time, it is also the biggest challenge for marketing teams. 
  • Content automation can save your team time and thus help to publish more good content.
  • Content automation software reduces administrative work and helps your team to run strategic marketing campaigns. 
  • Global Content helps you to make changes to your entire website in just a few clicks.
  • Dynamic Content helps you to adapt content your visitors in order to get them to buy in the best possible way.
  • For WordPress websites, GREYD is the ideal software that offers both global content and dynamic content features. 

Would you like to try out content automation in your team? Then take a relaxed tour of GREYD.SUITE. We would be happy to show you what our software can do and how it can relieve your team of specific problems.

Patrick Mitter

By Patrick Mitter

Patrick loves good texts. Preferably about topics concerning online marketing and WordPress. Having built websites by using well-known page builders on his own and being very experienced in the SEO industry, he is very familiar with any kind of problems regarding those plugins. This is the reason why he adopted GREYD’s mission to simplify work for web designers as well as agencies.

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