Webinar: Greyd.Suite Full Site Editing

Webinar with Jakob Trost

We introduce you to the new Greyd.Suite and show you the many advantages that full site editing offers to your WordPress business.

What you will learn:

  • Discover the new features

  • See how easy it is to convert existing sites to the new verson

  • Experience the new flexibility of Greyd.Suite

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The new possibilities with Full Site Editing

Different headers on different subpages? Responsive web design without breakpoints? Flexibly design all parts of a website with the block editor? Full Site Editing makes this and much more possible.

As always, Greyd.Suite offers you numerous additional functions and optimisations for an optimal user experience in the backend and frontend.

Backend visualization of Full Site Editing
Greyd.Suite Dashboard

New Greyd.Suite dashboard

With the switch to Full Site Editing, some other areas of Greyd.Suite have also changed. You can flexibly switch features on and off in the new dashboard. Our converter makes switching to the new version a breeze. And from now on you can also use the Greyd.Suite functions even without our theme.

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