We’re Excited to Sponsor WordCamp Europe 2023

After participating and visiting several WordCamps, we are now a first time sponsor of WordCamp Europe! Meet us in Athens!

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Portrait of Sandra Kurze

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May 15, 2023

As a WordPress company, we are thrilled to announce that we will be sponsoring WordCamp Europe 2023, which is an excellent opportunity to meet many other plugin and theme creators, exchange experiences, and build new relationships in the WordPress community. This event will be an exciting chance for us to connect with our peers and showcase our product, GREYD.SUITE. We have participated in WordCamp Vienna in 2022 and 2023, and as visitors of WordCampEurope 2023 in Porto, and attending WordCamp Netherlands last year. Now, we’re taking the next step in our journey by sponsoring this event and expanding our horizons even further. Our team members, JakobSandraThomas and Mark, are excited to attend and participate in meaningful exchanges with other WordPress community members. Jakob, our CTO, is looking forward to meeting many other plugin and theme creators. Sandra, our COO, is excited to exchange experiences about support, and Thomas will show you how GREYD.SUITE works and what it can do for you. We are looking forward to your questions, challenges, and a great time.

Greyd.Suite – The Solution for Professional Websites

At our booth, we will showcase GREYD.SUITE, an all-in-one solution for professional websites that goes beyond building beautiful websites. We created GREYD.SUITE initially for ourselves and understand WordPress agency needs. Our product is designed to help grow your agency by addressing future topics in web design, such as agile content management, headless CMS, and time-saving solutions.We believe GREYD.SUITE is the answer to the problems that many web professionals encounter repeatedly with existing solutions on the market. While page builders do allow for website building without code, they quickly reach their limits when it comes to projects of higher complexity. Not to mention page speed and compatibility issues.Our solution is a native integration in the new Gutenberg editor, which we believe is the foundation of sweeping changes that will make many plugins, page builders, and classic themes obsolete as WordPress integrates more and more features natively. While most market players are still waiting or cautiously making existing features “Gutenberg-compatible,”in 2020 we took the gamble by deciding to fully follow WordPress’ path and natively integrate GREYD.SUITE into the editor. Some of our features:

Global Content: Use WordPress like a Headless CMS

With Global Content you can store content globally and link it to multiple websites. Do you want to display the same footer on all your websites? Automatically publish news articles on different pages? Use the same layout for different landing pages? No problem!

Central Dashboard for Your Multisites: Easily Manage Multiple Websites from a Single Dashboard

Whether you are a web service provider or a company with multiple websites and landing pages: GREYD.Hub lets you manage all your sites in one backend and helps you quickly access key information about site admins, plugins and domains at a glance.

One-Click Import/Export

A customer project is delayed? No problem! Just export the complete site with one click and access it again later. You don’t want to define your corporate design and default plugins foreach landing page? In GREYD.Hub you can export design settings, databases, content, media and plugins individually and upload them to new pages.

Multisite Connector: Connect Any Number of Websites

Whether its individual websites or entire multisite installations – our Multisite Connector merges all your web projects in one central system

User Management: Custom User Roles & Capabilities

Define down to the finest detail who should be able to see and/or edit which parts of your website and benefit from time-saving admin functions.

Join Us at WordCamp Europe 2023

We invite you to come to our booth and talk to us about GREYD.SUITE, exchange experiences, and share your feedback. We believe that WordCamp Europe 2023 will be an enriching experience, and we’re excited to be part of it. If you want to plan for coffee with any of us, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Portrait of Sandra Kurze

By Sandra Kurze

Sandra is absolutely passionate about copywriting – preferably, of course, on topics that also captivate her in terms of content. She has been involved with websites and online marketing for several years – both from a service provider and customer perspective. The perfect prerequisites for the Greyd blog!

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